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Substance addiction is one of the biggest menaces society faces. Drug addiction is a problem that can affect people of all ages: it’s not selective in any way. People suffering from drug use disorder often shy away from asking for help and let the situation gradually steal their life away. It’s painful to watch someone you love suffer from the condition, especially if they are a relative or a close friend. In most cases, these individuals won’t ask for help even if they know they need it.


If you see someone that you care about — whether a family member, a friend, or even your neighbor — talk to them. Ask them to get assistance from an addiction treatment center. You may be the voice of reason their conscience is waiting for. We have a network of drug rehab centers across the country where you can bring your loved one for assistance at any time.


The treatment process

Our Salsbury, North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility is properly equipped to provide the right type of treatment for our clients. Our goal is to help people to overcome the habit and get back to their lives. Here’s the outline of the treatment process at our drug rehab facility in Salsbury, North Carolina.



Addiction recovery is a journey, and it requires a high level of patience. One of the first stages of treatment at our addiction recovery center is detoxification. Depending on how long one has been using drugs, there’s a build-up of these chemicals in the body. To reduce the chances of a relapse, clients undergo the detoxification process to remove these traces of substances from their bodies.


After using these substances for a long time, the system becomes accustomed to a certain level of chemicals. Any attempts to remove these chemicals from the system are not taken kindly by the body, which is why the process of detoxification needs to be properly supervised. The staff members at our Salsbury, North Carolina addiction recovery facility are qualified to provide monitored detox process to make the treatment process effective.

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